Throughout its season, mixed choir Noorus are involved in a lot of traditional and not so traditional events. Take a look at our upcoming projects! Information about past events can be found below.


An Early Summer's Fairytale

June 18, 2023 at 17:00 in St. John's Church, Tallinn

Mixed choir Noorus and mixed choir Kongliga Teknologkören from Sweden

Choral music from Estonia and Sweden (Tormis, Pärt, Tobias, Uusberg, Lindberg, Nyberg, Emanuelsson, Åhlén, Kreek, Alfvén etc.)

Conductors Hanna Ohlson Nordh (Kongliga Teknologkören), Roland Viilukas and Taavi Hark (Noorus)

Past events


Festival PIANO opening concert


Noorus 60


Maurice Duruflé Requiem

  • 01. november 7pm Tallinn St. Charles' church
  • 02. november 7pm Pärnu Concert Hall
  • 03. november 4pm Tartu St. Paul's church
  • Mixed choir K.O.O.R., Tallinn Chamber choir and mixed choir Noorus
  • Organ: Ene Salumäe, violoncello: Egmont Välja
  • Soloists: Atlan Karp (Opera Veto) and Aule Urb (RO Estonia, Opera Veto)
  • Conductor: Raul Talmar

The night was long